Mr Davis
Mr Marsden
Mr Edwards
Mr Holweger
Mr Richards

Mr Davis - Black Belt 5th Dan

Paul (59 supposedly) is a partner in Stocker & Roberts, Chartered Surveyors, and has lifelong link during both his playing and supporting days with Charlton Athletic FC.

Paul has been a practitioner in martial arts since his teens - starting at the age of 13 in traditional boxing. Paul achieved modest success in competition by reaching the Southern Area ABA finals on two occasions.

Paul started his Tae Kwon Do journey 20 years ago under the tuition of Mr Williams (6th Dan) of English International Allstyles TKD with whom he has remained close friends and enjoys a continuing working relationship.

Paul was promoted to 1st Dan after four years by Master B Sahota (7th Dan) with whom Paul trained closely up to achieving his 3rd Dan promotion. Paul was then introduced to Korean Grandmaster Juin Mihai (9th Dan) with whom he has trained for the last eight years, being promoted to 4th Dan and subsequently 5th Dan in 2007. Paul has been introduced to advanced self defence techniques and some weapons training with Grandmaster Juin.

In the last ten years Paul has also trained extensively with Frank Murphy (6th Dan) of Family Martial Arts. This has allowed the development of effective aspects of other core martial arts including Wing Chun, grappling ju-jitsu techniques and kick-boxing which have been incorporated into his classes.

Paul has trained predominantly with the ITF style patterns, but with Grandmaster Juin has developed the techniques of Ji-do Kwan - one of the original founding Kwans of the the martial art.

Paul says he is still appreciating the full depths of what martial arts has to offer. He is studying pressure point karate used in Kyusho Jitsu, Ryuku Kempo and Tuike as developed by Grandmaster George Dillman (9th Dan) and practiced by Mr Martin (5th Dan) of Family Martial Arts in Maidstone. Paul says he regards himself as a white belt in these practices.

Mr Marsden - Black Belt 5th Dan

Roy (68) has retired from the Civil Aviation Authority safety unit. Before that he spent most of his career in the RAF, and it was in his Singapore postings in 1962 that he first learned Tae Kwon Do with Mr Rhee Ki Ha at RAF Changi.

Roy gained his 1st Dan in 1965 under Mr Nam Te Hi, after periods training with C K Choi and Kim Bok Man (founding fathers of Tae Kwan Do).

Roy's 2nd Dan came in 1970 at Gaydon RAF awarded by Mr. Rhee Ki Ha, and the following year won the sparring and overall championship at the UK's inaugural national tournament in Oxford.

In 1978 Roy earned his 3rd Dan training in RAF Gatow with Mr Kim Kwang Il.

In the period up to 1985, Roy trained in RAF Lyneham, in the USA, HQRAF in Germany and in the Netherlands. Instructors included Mr Jhoon Rhee and Kim Bok Man.

During a posting to the MoD 1985-1990 Roy ran another club, and earned his 5th Dan from Kim Bok Man in 1989.

Mr Edwards - Black Belt 1st Dan

Mike (29) is a project manager for Sulzer, which works in the energy sector. Mike joined the club in 2000 and earned most of his grades with Master Sahota (7th Dan) and Mr Davis (5th Dan). He gained his black belt in 2006 under Master Frank Murphy (6th Dan) of Family Martial Arts.

Mr Holweger - Black Belt 1st Dan

Mark (43) is a Chartered Accountant and a Finance Director of Royal & Sun Alliance International division. Mark joined the club in 2002, and graded up to 1st Gup with Grandmaster Juin (9th Dan) Master Sahota (7th Dan) and Mr Davis (5th Dan). He gained his Black Belt in 2007 from Grandmaster Juin Mahai (9th Dan) of Ji Do Kwan.

Mr Richards - 1st Gup

Gary (50) is a Chartered Accountant and has been a Finance Director with Royal & Sun Alliance insurance and a Technology Director BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC. Gary joined the club in 1999 in his forties, and is a good example of someone progressing at his own pace to grade for black belt later this year. All Gary's grades have been with Master Sahota (7th Dan) http://www.taekwondouk.org/